Botnets, Botnets, and more Botnets.

Someone once said that comparing a botnet to a supercomputer is like comparing a bunch of snipers to a nuclear bomb. Whilst I would argue (and I do like to argue) that it depends on how many snipers you’ve got, we’ll leave that aside for the moment. Despite its inherent flaws, the analogy got me thinking: What if Microsoft, under the control of [insert your favorite paranoid theory here-i.e. The Freemasons, the Bilderburgers, The Council on Foreign Relations, etc.] released a really polished operating system with a price so low that they had near universal adoption? What if there was a back door built into the operating system that allowed a central controller to access the spare processing power of each machine? That would be 2.1 billion processors (unweighted for dual processor machines).
Anti virus programs would ignore it because it’s integrated into the system so seamlessly that it’s just another running process. Most people use their computers for mundane tasks like checking emails, updating Facebook, watching porn, etc. Their computer processors aren’t even breathing hard. What if The NSA, at the behest of [insert your favorite conspiracy as above] ran the command and control functions from their megacomputer and programmed an actual operating system for the whole mess? You’d have a secret world wide supercomputer! Node redundancy would be an issue, but a good algorithm could minimize its impact because we’re all creatures of habit. Besides all the new computers are shipping with dual and quad core processors. That’s one of the things that made writing PLAYING GOD so much fun, I got to create and control the worlds largest botnet!

But… what if the government gets wind of this and decides to impose it as a “processor tax” so they can spy on us more effectively????? Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not all out to get you…


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